Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services


  1. Focus on what you do best – running your company
  2. Improve cash flow
  3. Increase profitability
  4. Real-time financial information
  5. Dedicated expert bookkeeper
  6. No software installation or maintenance
  7. Available anytime, anywhere you’re online
  8. Custom reports and smart financial dashboards
  9. Get an entire accounting department for less than the cost of hiring one employee!



Accurate and complete bookkeeping is critical to all to all businesses.  Your company’s future depends on the accurate recording of financial transactions.  You can use the past to help you make better decisions for the future.

Our objective is to provide bookkeeping and accounting services to enable business owners to focus on what they do best and better manage their business.

Profit Shows Earning Revenue And Business Growth
Accounting leads to profitability

Imagine having an entire accounting department at your fingertips, supporting you with up-to-date financial information that has a real impact on the decisions you make every day in your business.

Kathryn Cooper Consulting can provide your company with a highly trained bookkeeper, accountant and controller – all for less than the cost (and hassle) of hiring one employee. Hiring and training employees is both time and resource consuming. Finding dedicated, qualified bookkeepers is even harder.  What if there was a better way?  Look no further.

You too can afford the best accounting tools, experts and system.

Our system can instantly tell you the truth about the health of your business.  Your sustained profitability depends on efficiency.  Our expert accounting solution is your solution to efficiency and profitability.

We are constantly updating our skills, learning the latest accounting software features, and tools to support our clients in the highest way possible.